SNTE: for an education without borders

21 de Febrero de 2019 | Comunicación |

That all children, regardless of their nationality, have access to education and that their rights be respected, was the pronouncement of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), by participating in public manifestation Teach-in for Freedom, in El Paso Texas, along with other teacher organizations and unionists in the United States.

In the meeting, organized by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and other civil society organizations, to demonstrate the willing to defend the right to education of migrant children, a delegation of 40 Mexican teachers of the SNTE participated, mainly conformed of border educator, headed by professors, Jorge Alfaro Rivera, general director of SINADEP; Miguel Ramírez Sánchez, technical secretary of the General Secretariat; María Antonieta García Lascurain, coordinator of the National Association of Social Liaison; as well as the general secretaries of sections 8 and 42 of Chihuahua, Rosa María Hernández Madero and Ever Enrique Avitia Estrada, respectively.
On behalf of the General Secretary of the SNTE, Alfonso Cepeda Salas, Professor Alfaro Rivera said that the SNTE teachers join the claim for the human and universal right to education and that all children have the fundamental protections. "Today, we meet and we are giving lessons about what happens to girls and boys when their rights are restricted but also what we can and are doing to protect them."

He pointed out that it is task of all teachers "to defend the right to a public education, to an inclusive school. We solidarize with the condemnation to the separation of families that affects children so much (...) It is our duty to talk about migrations around the world, about the physical and mental impact that this situation causes, including arbitrary detention and the families separation."

Likewise, teachers from Chihuahua attended, sharing their experiences with migrant children. The teacher María del Socorro Hilda Chaparro Ayala participated with the theme "Application of didactic strategies worksheets, Guide for Teachers of Indigenous Education", while the teacher Verónica Fernández Armendariz presented "The difficulty in reading and writing with the migrant students of Central America and the strategies used to successfully face this challenge ".

Meanwhile, Randi Weingarten, leader of the AFT, highlighted that they were there "to say no, in a border that has been used to stop instead of welcoming to a country that has been formed with migrants (...) For that we are here, the teachers from the United States and Mexico, to teach not only children, but also society, politicians. "

She also thanked the solidarity of the SNTE with whom we are united by solid ties of collaboration.

Randi Weingarten was accompanied by Texas teaching leaders and professors from different states of the American Union.


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