SNTE and legislators build common agenda

25 de Febrero de 2019 | Comunicación |

The General Secretary of the National Union of Workers of Education (SNTE) Alfonso Cepeda Salas, met with legislators related to the teacher organization, with the purpose of building a common agenda to promote relevant issues for teachers at the federal, state and municipal level.

At the meeting, attended by 21 legislators from different entities in the country, as well as members of the National Executive Committee of the Union, Cepeda Salas stressed the importance of maintaining close collaboration so that everyone, from their field of competence, "can strengthen strategies for defense of the public education and the labor rights of teachers, but also address issues that are of great importance to the country. "

He recalled that among the priority issues for the SNTE are initial education, the autonomy of universities and teacher professionalization.

For their part, the legislators expressed their full commitment to the causes of the teaching profession and agreed that they will make the best efforts, especially now that changes to the educational politics are discussed.

After expressing their approval for the dialogue with the union representation, they indicated that they will maintain an articulated work to give the impulse required by issues of union interest, such as salaries, benefits and the rights of children, as well as others that concern society, among the mentioned unemployment, security and fighting corruption.

At the meeting, the creation of a microsite was announced, a digital tool that will allow the exchange of information of interest to consult and provide feedback on the work that will be done by legislators and the Union in favor of students, communities and the country.

Previous to the participation of the national leader of the teaching profession, the attendees analyzed some of the topics indicated in three working groups. They talked about educational reform, national guard, education workers, students, schools, parents, economy, social issues, gender, legal aspects and security, among others.

The discussing tables weorked under the guidance of Professors Lucila Garfias Gutiérrez, Mirna Isabel Saldívar Paz, Adriana de Jesús Villa Huízar and José Nieves García Caro, members of the National Organs of Union Government.


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