The National Union of Education Workers of Mexico (SNTE), delivers the National Demand List 2019 to the Ministry of Education.

11 de Marzo de 2019 | Comunicación |

Mexico City, 7 March, 2019

As the legal and legitimate holder of labor relations before educational authorities throughout the country, the National Union of Education Workers of Mexico (SNTE), delivered its National Demand List (PND) 2019, which contains the main demands of its unionized, obtained, in an unprecedented way, through a consultation process, with almost one million 10 thousand participants, whose most repeated approaches are: basification, scale for the teaching career, professional teaching career, support for teaching materials, homologation of benefits and a decent salary .

The secretary general of the SNTE, Alfonso Cepeda Salas, as well as the members of the National Governing Bodies and the secretaries of the trade union sections from all over the country, met Thursday with the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, for the formal delivery of the document.

In the meeting held in the Ministry of Education, Cepeda Salas said that "our causes are irrevocable. With the same force that we defend the right to education of children and youth, in all forums and in the classrooms every day, we defend the labor, economic and social rights of education workers ".

He added that in the union "we are convinced that the objectives of the transformation of the educational system do not contradict our legitimate claims and because all our gains, demands and acquired rights are guaranteed by our Constitution and educational and labor legislation, as well as in the international agreements that our country has signed. " He hoped that it would be a favorable negotiation for education workers.

The national leader of the teaching profession also made two requests to the Secretary of Education:

· The first was the reinstatement of teachers who were "unfairly" sanctioned by the application of the educational reform. Cepeda Salas explained that the union has already managed to get 263 teachers to return to the classrooms, but there are still at least 728 teachers affected, so he handed the list to the secretary, who gave instructions to be attended immediately and installed a SEP-SNTE table for its analysis.

· The second request was for Moctezuma Barragán to support an initiative actually in the Senate, so that the calculation of pensions is made at minimum wages and not through the Measurement and Update Unit, since it affects the income and quality of life of the retired.

Upon receiving the document, the Secretary of Education, Esteban Moctezuma, said that "we are going to analyze it carefully ". He also acknowledged the democratic exercise that the SNTE made to integrate the list with the participation of its members. "Teachers are recognized as agents of change, as one of the most democratic groups."

He affirmed that "for the government led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador it is very important that education workers constantly improve their standard of living. Everybody in Mexico want stimulated teachers ".

After confirming that "never again will the evaluation or any type of measurement be linked to permanence in the job ", he said that he agrees with Professor Alfonso Cepeda in the view that the demands of the teaching profession are not opposed to the fact of seeking a better education. ”We will never have an education supporting the learning of children and adolescents if the teachers are not satisfied, at ease, stimulated, happy in the classroom."

The head of the SEP also stressed that in the educational transformation a new professional teaching career will be created.

The PND is divided into three annexes: Basic Education, Upper Secondary Education and Higher Education, as well as Support Staff and Education Assistance. It contains the demands of the workers in salary and benefits, but also demands for urgent resolution, among which it stands out that:

· All the schools have complete templates of teachers and management personnel.

· The basification (eliminating temporary contracts and internships) is another of the important points, because thousands of union members have been covering internships for years or some have won some promotion, but they have not been fulfilled.

· A true system of training, updating and professional improvement of the teaching profession and rejects any form of punitive evaluation.

· Regarding social security, it requires improving medical services and strengthening the pension system, as well as a national housing program for teachers.

Before being delivered to the SEP, the National List of Demands was approved unanimously by the National Governing Bodies of the SNTE.


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